Pete Holmes ‘Interviews’ Ryu From Street Fighter (Video)


Pete Holmes has already had a laugh over the silly intricacies and choices of lifestyle made by the cast of the X-Men, and now it appears the Street Fighter cast will be rung through the same comedic lines of questioning. The Pete Holmes Show, a late night talk show starring comedian Pete Holmes, has started a new series called “Street Fighter Red Tape,” beginning with interviewing Ryu.

Semi-improvisational in nature, a great deal of the “interviewing” in this segment is focused on just what exactly Ryu is saying when he performs his moves in Street Fighter, so that it can be cleared for Standards and Practices to air on national television. “Hadouken” for his fireball just makes too much sense, just like his uppercut totally calls for a cry of “Shoryuken.” But his hurricane kick is the main focus.

The official name provided in Japanese is spelled out “Tatsumaki senpuu kyaku,” but there’s absolutely no way it sounds like that when cried out in the Street Fighter games. That’s where the improvisational skills by Pete Holmes and Mark-Paul Gosselaar really shine through and makes the absurdity the entire situation that much more hilarious. You can check out the full video below.


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