Divinity: Original Sin Gets New Launch Window, Teaser Trailer


There was a time, not that long ago, when “Divinity: Original Sin” was thought to be coming out this month. I’m sorry to report that with just four days left in February, that’s not happening.

But there is good news to share as well. With the game already in Early Access on Steam, the team at Larian Studios is using the extra time to make the RPG with a unique two-player co-op system even better based on feedback from its backers. Here’s what you can expect in the final release, now slated for the enigmatic yet not too far off Spring 2014:

  • A wide variety of environments, creatures and items in a reactive open world
  • Turn-based combat that allows your party to manipulate the battle environment
  • Co-op multiplayer with dialogues that help shape the way the story unfolds
  • A deep and epic story set before “Divine Divinity” and “The Dragon Knight Saga”
  • A classless character advancement system
  • Powerful tools for creating your own content and sharing it online

Those sound like features that could very well be worth the wait. And to whet your appetite even more, Larian also released a brand new trailer showing off the game’s locales, powers and weather effects:

“Divinity” Original Sin” is coming this spring for PC at a suggested retail price of $39.99.