French RPG Fatecraft Enters English-Language Open Beta As Therian Saga


What once was French is now in English too — just under a different name.

Quebec-based indie studio Virtys figured it had a good thing going with its browser-based French language RPG “Fatecraft,” and the company is rolling it out in an open beta for English speakers under the name “Therian Saga.” The French version attracted over 50,000 players with its open world style, elaborate crafting system and customizable characters that can carry out tasks even when players aren’t logged in.

“We’re extremely grateful for our existing, supportive community of French-speaking players,” Alexandre Maltais, General Manager of Virtys and Producer of Therian Saga, said in a press release. “Our new English-language version of the game will allow these existing players the opportunity to play the game with their English-speaking friends, but it also opens the doors for Virtys to connect with an even larger community in the United States and beyond!”

Here are some more details on what to expect in “Therian Saga”:

  • Asynchronous RPG with Multiple Heroes – Fully customizable heroes carry out the assigned actions whether you are online or not.
  • Sophisticated Crafting System & Auction House – Players must collaborate with others to become a renowned artisan, specializing in any amount of the 20 available professions, to create new objects which can be kept or traded at the auction house.
  •  Explore a Vast and Beautiful World – As you explore the game’s 24 regions, Therian Saga’s elaborate story is revealed as you learn of the continent’s history, discover unknown places and collect coveted materials.
  • Multi-Player Collaboration and a Loyal Community – “Therian Saga’s” guild system allows players to regroup in party, but it also unlocks new dimensions of the game. A positive synergy and mutually beneficial relationship exists between single, new players and advanced guild members

The open beta is free; all you need to do to participate is register for an account at No French lessons necessary!


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