Valve Has Introduced Steam Tags For Steam Store


Valve has allowed for more customization and creativity when it comes to finding games, and its name is Steam Tags. Now you can look up games in the Steam Store and tag games with appropriate (or inappropriate) attributes. Additionally, games will be tagged by others, allowing the community to bunch games together by certain phrases or attributes.

It’s already working as intended AND as not intended. For example, the Steam Tags community has already begun work on positive collections, like “Great Soundtrack,” “Rogue-like” (including Rogue-like-likes), “Female Protagonist,” “Local Co-Op,” “Nanomachines, son” and “Git Gud or Die Tryin’.” It introduces new ways of thinking about games, and learning of other games in certain categories that you may not have discovered without a collective’s help.

On the other hand, the Steam Tags community can taketh away, too. For every great tags, there is another “Not A Game,” “Bad,” and “Crap” category that embodies too much on subjectivity to be relied upon (even if some games tagged are aptly placed, in my view). I mean, I doubt that Woodcutter Simulator 2013 or Petz Dogz 2 would make anyone’s legitimate Game of the Year list. It’s all hilarious to me, but the humor will be lost on a great deal of people who are fans of the games listed under subjective headlines.

It will be interesting to see how Steam Tags will become moderated in the future, but hopefully they can find a balance between informative and funny. I mean, who doesn’t want to pick up a hat simulator?


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