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Nintendo Direct: Pokemon Battle Trozei Coming March 20


In a surprise move, Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon Trozei game. It is called Pokemon Battle Trozei, and will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on March 20.

Pokemon Battle Trozei plays like a game of Bejeweled with an interesting gameplay twist. Not only are the jewels replaced with the over 700 Pokemon types, but you play using your own collection to fight against and capture other Pokemon within the game. Lining up 4 or 5 of the same Pokemon icons will store up points to use as an attack against the level’s Pokemon, in which you can use their class type to perform super effective maneuvers. The goal, like in other Pokemon games, is to catch them all.

Pokemon Battle Trozei also has a cooperative mode, which allows you and up to three other players to team up and take down difficult-to-defeat Pokemon like legendary creatures (perhaps we might see the recently-revealed Diancie). There is no confirmation if you can trade captured Pokemon like in the traditional game series.

Pokemon Battle Trozei will see an exclusive Nintendo 3DS release on March 20th. Keep it here at GameSided as we recap the rest of the events from the February 13th Nintendo Direct, and make sure to check out the reveal trailer below.


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