New ‘Diancie’ Pokemon Officially Revealed


Looks like 718 different types of Pokemon weren’t enough. Now we need a 719th in Diancie, as the pocket monster will be the prime focus of an upcoming Pokemon movie, according to It is a rock/fairy type of a film that will apparently be titled, “Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.” The early info has been revealed through their translations of Japanese magazine CoroCoro, which has been posted on Japanese forums.

Not much else is known about Diancie, although the Pokemon had been found within the Pokemon X & Y roms via clever hackers. Whether or not Diancie will act like a 6th generation “Mew” Pokemon handed out officially by Nintendo or will act as a new legendary monster that will lead to a Pokemon Z is yet to be seen.

There comes to a point where you think you’ve come up with every conceivable Pokemon, and that conceptually the series has run its course. However, for every design that looks like an ice cream cone or a set of keys there’s a new set of wonderful creatures right in Game Freak’s back pocket. Let’s more there’s more where Diancie came from.


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