Kinect Sports Rivals Targets April 8 Release Date


It was supposed to be available at launch, but now the full Kinect Sports Rivals experience will be available for Xbox One fans shortly. In fact, the Xbox Wire has revealed that Kinect Sports Rivals will launch on April 8 here in North America, of course utilizing the full powers of the Kinect device in order to play a myriad of sports. Such events include target shooting, wake racing, climbing, tennis, soccer and bowling.

Rare has targeted 1080p for the game in the past, and it looks like the finished version of Kinect Sports Rivals will reflect that, at well. Additionally, we can expect a story element to the game, as players will choose one of three captains. The Wolf Clan, Eagle Legion and Viper Network will duke it out for athletic dominance, with each team providing unique challenges and players. Your playing experience may vary depending on whose side you pick.

Kinect Sports Rivals will be exclusively released on the Xbox One on April 8th in North America, Australia and New Zealand, with a April 11th release in Europe. Check out my first impressions of the game’s Wake Racing mode from Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason.


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