Kinect Sports Rivals Will Run At 1080p


Kinect Sports Rivals, the followup to the peripheral-based sports variety game Kinect Sports on the Xbox 360, has been confirmed to run at 1080p and 30 frames per second on the Xbox One, according to Official Xbox Magazine.

Rare executive producer Danny Isaac:

"We’re at 1080p, but to be honest that was because our rendering guys just wanted to be at 1080p. I think when you look at the platforms, now more than ever it’s going to be about – OK, the graphics and resolution are part of the story, but there’s also the service you have, the intuitiveness of the sharing, the multiplayer aspects of it.Years ago, when I was a kid, it was all about how many polygons you could push around, and everyone was pixel-counting. I think that’s still important, but it’s much less of the story than it used to be."

While the trend of downplaying graphical importance despite a transition to supposedly-stronger hardware carries on, Rare has much bigger fish to fry. They were supposed to release a full game for the Xbox One’s launch, or right around the 2013 launch year. However, Kinect Sports Rivals will now release a Preseason Trial on the November 22nd launch date, reducing the scope of games in the interim while a full game is released early-mid 2014.

Still, it is a welcome sight to see an Xbox One game run at 1080p at launch.


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