Roughly 60% Of PS4 Owners Also Own A PS Vita


One can dream. Bring them to NA, Sony!

According to the estimations made by Gamasutra, around 60% of those who have already jumped into the 8th generation of gaming with a PS4 also are PS Vita owners. This is due to the revelation that one in three PS Vita owners also own a PS4. Roughly 7.5 million PS Vita units have been sold to date, which means 2.5 million own both, which is roughly 60% of the 4.2 million total PS4 units sold worldwide, to date.

Sony’s goal with the recently-announced $199 PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 bundle is that the amount of people who owns both a handheld and the PS4 goes up. One of the more innovative features that both share is the ability to play PS4 games via Remote Play with a steady wi-fi connection. It will be interesting to see how developers can utilize the technology of both to make interesting cooperative games down the line.

Another interesting aspect will be how both devices interact with PlayStation Now. The ability to share and play old PlayStation games across multiple Sony devices (and beyond, as time progresses) will arguably provide more compelling reasons to buy a handheld device like the PS Vita.

Sony has some work to do if they’re going to recuperate their losses. Now might be the beginning of a slow incline back towards prosperity.


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