Gaming Community Clicks: January 2014

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Welcome, one and all, to the newly revamped monthly feature where we appreciate the best of up-and-coming gaming channels within the online community. Previously we had called this collection, “Youtube Gaming Community Clicks.” However, after an impressive showing of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, the fact that the speedrunning community brought in more than $1 million in donations for cancer research (paired with how awesome others on Twitch were over the past few months in content), I’ve been shown that there is a legit gaming community being left out.

What do we call the renamed monthly feature? “Gaming Community Clicks.” Each month, we will show you some of the best Youtube gaming channels with fewer than 50,000 subscribers or someone with fewer than 10,000 Twitch followers (sometimes both). That way we can let you know about the best of the hidden gems of Twitch and Youtube, as well as the cutting through the clutter of unnecessarily loud casters, over-the-top faux screaming at horror games (complete with face cams), and the oh-so-many Minecraft channels. Here is last month’s edition to catch you up.

In our first edition of the new-look feature, we have a guy who makes us laugh, one that likes to go fast (not just in Sonic) and a check-in to a previous highlighted member of the Community Clicks rise to 50,000 subscribers.