Deep Down Delayed Until After The Summer


One of the more intriguing games announced in coordination with the reveal of the PS4 was Deep Down. To be published by Capcom, the visuals really brought home the notion of a new generation of hardware specs, allowing for an increased fidelity. The goal was to have beta testing for the free-to-play online RPG begin with the launch of the PS4 in Japan (on February 22nd), but it looks like the game will be released much later.

According to an interview with the game’s producer (translated by DualShockers), Deep Down will be released “After the summer.” The goal is to understand and use as much of the PS4’s hardware capabilities and push for a higher visual fidelity. They seemingly do not want fans or the public to confuse their game with a PS3 game, therefore will put in the extra time to get it right.

It’s a smart move. Capcom are debuting a new engine (called the Panta Rhei) alongside Deep Down, and while it may hurt the momentum sales-wise for the PS4, it may be in Sony’s best interests to let a gaming project of this scale take the time to do the best they can. So far, their AAA exclusives have been critical disappointments. They need to pull out some great games from their future releases, including Infamous: Second Son. Especially seeing how poorly Sony has been doing, as of late.


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