Killer Instinct: Spinal Character Added Tomorrow! (January 31st)


Looks like he’s coming in right under the gun; Spinal, from Killer Instinct, will be coming to the game in an update starting tomorrow, January 31st. This is according to IGN, who met with the developers earlier and got a chance to play as Spinal hands-on. Here’s the reveal trailer for Spinal.

Spinal is very different from the rest of the cast, especially in how he can counter opponent’s utilities like shadow meter and instinct meter. He can use his shield to absorb enemy special attacks (Endokuken, etc.) and gain skulls. Those skulls can be used as projectiles that can drain either shadow or instinct bars and give the energy back to Spinal. Additionally, he has dive kicks and teleports that can be used forward or backward for strategic use.

It’ll be interesting to see how Spinal’s abilities will impede or balance out with other Killer Instinct characters. He’s a power-hungry character that can use instinct to regain full skull levels, yet can keep the standard 15 second instinct bar going by continually draining opponents. Spinal is slow, so perhaps a more nimble character can counter his abilities.

Be on the lookout here at GameSided tomorrow, as I will try to go hands-on myself with Spinal in Killer Instinct when he is released. Killer Instinct is available as a free download (with one roaming character) exclusively on Xbox One. To access Spinal, you will need to pay at least $20 for the entire Killer Instinct cast, which will include Fulgore when he is released in March later this year.


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