Insider: 1080p/60fps Not Happening Anytime Soon On Xbox One


One of the biggest debates between fans of the Xbox One and fans of the PlayStation 4 is the graphical power that the Xbox One seems to lack. PlayStation 4 fans say the Xbox One can’t compete due to the lack of 1080p/60fps games while the Xbox One fans say that stuff doesn’t matter.

To some fans, however, the graphical power of a next-gen console does matter which is why industry insider Pete Dodd decided to reveal, via Twitter, key information regarding the power of the Xbox One.

Dodd states that the cloud that Microsoft intends to utilize with the Xbox One won’t help with graphical rendering. At least not for the next five years, minimum. As far as seeing games release at 1080p/60fps, Dodd believes that it won’t be anytime soon, but that tools will improve to allow it in the future.

As far as the recent report of a decrease in GPU power designated strictly for the Kinect, Dodd says that the added 8% to developers will help “a little”, but that the GPU inside the console is too weak right now to create stunning graphical games.

“Worst decision they made making the box. Kinect is expensive so they went with a cheap gpu,” said Dodd in his tweet.

In response to a fan who complained that the amount of RAM inside the Xbox One is a reason for the lack of graphical power, Dodd stated: “The problem isn’t the amount, it’s the speed. Plenty of room to store 1080p textures, just not enough speed or power to output it”.

Mike’s Musings: It saddens me to think that the Kinect, which many seem to not get any use out of, is a reason for the lack of power inside the Xbox One. Sure, graphics aren’t everything in game consoles, but there are likely hundreds of thousands of people who believe that a next-gen console should have next-gen graphical power. Right now, it appears that the Xbox One doesn’t have that nor will it for the foreseeable future.