Microsoft Mulling Over Xbox One Update


Microsoft has heard the cries from fans and developers regarding the Xbox One’s frame rate issues, and the fact that plenty of games run at a lower frame rate than Sony’s PlayStation 4. Now, according to industry insider Pete Doss, Microsoft is discussing whether or not to make major changes to the system and how games are developed for it.

As it stands now, according to Hot Hardware, 10% of the Xbox One’s GPU is reserved for the Kinect: 8% for viedo and 2% for voice commands. With the rumored changes, that number will drop down to 2% total, giving developers 8% more GPU power to work with for their games.

It’s unclear if this change would make a major difference in how games look on the Xbox One compared to the PS4. However, hopefully it means that the need for 13gb game updates won’t be needed in the future if it goes through. What this update would affect the most, though, is the Kinect.

Microsoft wanted the Kinect to be a major part of the Xbox One experience, but instead, it’s become a nuisance rather than a benefit. With this rumored change, it could be damning to the future of a piece of hardware that many game developers for the console haven’t used, and likely won’t intend to use in the near future.


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