Report: Tomb Raider Has Lower Framerate On Xbox One Than PS4


Just when we were out of the woods on the whole “which console outperforms which other console” fascination, information has been leaked that suggests a 3rd party release runs at a lower frame rate on one of the consoles. That’s right, according to verified sources to Rocket Chainsaw (including the author of the piece after playing the game), the upcoming Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will optimally run at 60 frames per second on the PS4, while the Xbox One version will look to run at roughly 30 frames per second on average.

If this revelation seems a bit confusing, it should be. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was marketed at 1080p resolution and 30 FPS for both Microsoft and Sony’s newest consoles. However, Executive Producer Scott Amos reaffirmed on a live Twitch stream that the PS4 version of the game is running at 60 FPS and alluded that their original goal was to get the game out at 1080p and 30 FPS as a minimum, with anything else more as a bonus.

With these allegations coming out less than a week before release, I am more inclined to believe this report. It will be fairly easy for the gaming populace to discover the technical aspects and limitations of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on both the PS4 and the Xbox One when the game becomes available to the public. Neither console’s version seem to have a locked framerate, which may be a bit troubling only if it is fairly inconsistent.

So, until we can see the differences side-by-side a la Digital Foundry-esque technical review, we have to view this as a well-observed rumor. Were this to be true, expect to hear more about the computational capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One in the future as the flurry of February and March releases come flying through.


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