GOG Sale Takes You Back In A DRM-Free Time Machine


Now is the time to start playing older games that you may have missed in the past. With relatively few games coming out until the Zerg Rush that is February 25th-on, gamers are left to play classics and those on the backlog. 2004 was a great year for gaming, but what about 10 years prior? 20 years? The current GOG sale plans to let you indulge in the great games of decade’s past.

GOG has announced a DRM-free Time Machine sale. Even the sale works out like a game! Every time a new purchasable title from each year between 1983-2013 shows up, participants can vote to add or subtract a second from the timer. Buying a game during the GOG sale adds 3 seconds to the time. Right now, it looks like Ultima’s 1-3 are not popular buys right now, so you may want to pick it up before time expires!

Games are up to 90% off, with new titles being announced in sequential order of the years. Keep a look out at GOG.com to keep tabs for what’s available for the current GOG sale: DRM-Free Time Machine.


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