Spelunky Update Preview Shows Off New Pro HUD (Video)


The popular treasure action-platformer Spelunky has a new patch upcoming for the PC version that will see new features, bug fixes and other extras. The update has not been submitted to Steam, but Twitch/Youtuber BaerTaffy was able to get his hands on a beta build and has shared some of the new content in a Twitch livestream. As a huge fan of the game, the jealousy is incomprehensible! The VOD is now available on his channel.

The biggest and best new feature to come to Spelunky is the addition of a Pro HUD. Now in a more minimalist view, the optional HUD spreads out all your information in a thin, border-free region at the top of the screen. It shows your health, bombs and ropes in the top left and items underneath with small icons. Now your money count is in the top right, along with an active time counter. It will display both current map and overall time, allowing you to know how many more seconds until the ghost shows up. Additionally, the current map number will appear and there is a new indicator to show if you are doing the daily challenge.

Other new changes include fixes to sound and visual bugs, animations for breaking the Moai Head with the ball and chain and new possibilities for ghosting Ulmec and Yama, among other secrets. The main takeaway is the Pro HUD, which instantly improves upon the accessibility of Spelunky greatly. The improves visibility of the field and the active map timer give speedrunners a better sense of their run and top scorers a better chance to game the ghost for diamonds.

The Spelunky patch release date is TBA, but it should be out shortly for the PC version. Hopefully it will see release on other platforms in the future. Here is said video of BaerTaffy showing off the new features.


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