Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review


We are two months into the next-generation of consoles and one of the Xbox One’s major exclusives, Dead Rising 3, is receiving the first of four planned DLC for the game – Operation Broken Eagle.  Each of the four untold stories that will be released will put you in the shoes of a character that affected the main plot so you’re able to view their side of the events that took place in Los Perdidos.

If you’ve yet to play Dead Rising 3, check out my full review of the main story HERE.

Operation Broken Eagle puts you in the shoes of Commander Adam Kane who is sent to Los Perdidos to track down the President of the United States and eliminate any targets designated as illegals.

The DLC adds new weapons, such as a chaingun, shield/axe, and a few other nice zombie slaying weapons.  In addition, one new blueprint can be located during the mission along with the ability to commandeer the Armadillo – a heavily armored, minigun mounted light tank.

During the mission there are a few side quests to complete such as collecting dog tags, hacking ZDC cameras, and infecting the illegals’ safe zones spread throughout the city.

However, this DLC is very short – only 45 minutes to complete which includes earning every achievement in this first untold story.  In addition, the DLC does not allow co-op play.

Overall, fun short story but definitely a sub par DLC for the price tag of $9.99 ($29.99 for the Season Pass which includes all four untold stories).  Hopefully the other three untold stories are more challenging and much longer to complete!