Dead Rising 3 Review


Platform: Xbox One

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: November 22, 2013

The zombie apocalypse is upon us!  Millions of zombies have taken over Los Perdidos, California and is hungry for flesh.  There are limited supplies for the few survivors in the city and help is not coming.  Pray for their safety!

Dead Rising 3 is back and bloodshed is inevitable in this third main installment to the series taking place 10 years after the Fortune City incident in Dead Rising 2.  The story begins with Nick Ramos scavenging supplies at a once known quarantine evacuation zone.  However, Nick soon finds out that it’s overrun by zombies and quickly retreats to the sky following from above.

A plane swoops down and crashes onto the road way, engulfing into flames.  You must battle your way through the zombies as you find your way back to your group at the local diner.  Locals begin to panic as you were unable to find supplies.  We all know, if you panic, you die.

The remaining survivors in your group retreat further into the city at a mechanic shop, in which Nick feels right at home.  As a local mechanic in the city, Nick has the capabilities to combine weapons, vehicles, and anything he can get his hands on in an instant.  Workbenches are a thing of the past, after all, we demand instant access to whatever our hearts desire!

Your first combinable vehicle in the game is a bulldozer and car, turning it into a driving fortress that packs a punch!  I slaughtered thousands and thousands of zombies, mutilating them with axes, torches, saws, electrocution, and so many more combos.  Throughout the city are blueprints to even more combo possibilities, as well as vehicle blueprints.

Dead Rising 3 definitely changes up the game as there isn’t a stringent timer to complete the game.  However, nightmare mode can be initiated bringing this aspect back for diehard fans.  I chose not to, as I love the open world, zombie infested city in which I can take my time exploring unlike in past games.

Saving survivors has been changed up slightly.  Safe rooms are now spread throughout the city, so long as you clear them of zombies first.  Inside the safe room, you’re able to choose survivors to help you along the way.  Survivors can now contribute to your fight rather than you playing lone wolf.

The safe rooms now have a storage locker, and no it’s not Resident Evil style.  Rather, any weapon you pick up or combine (yes even the ultra-combos) are readily available at any time.  That fiery sickle broke?  That’s ok, head back to your safe room and pick up another.  Some may say that makes the game too easy.  Definitely not, it’s honestly a refreshing addition to the game.

Finding weapons was a major complaint of mine in past games as most were lousy.  I opted for guns most of the game.  This time around I’m wielding some amazing melee weapons such as a fiery long sword.

Capcom Vancouver has definitely made a lot of changes and EVERY single one of them are for the best.  Dead Rising has never been the most visually stunning and that’s ok, it doesn’t have to be.  The game has another purpose, to deliver as much fun as possible in a zombie apocalypse.  With that many zombies on screen, minor issues are bound to happen.

For example, very slight framerate drops do occur but in no way affect your gameplay.  The only major concern I have of the game is the inability to quickly load textures on occasion.  Again, this does not affect the play of the game nor does it take away from your experience.

I really enjoy the side quests and collectible missions such as finding little statues of Frank West spread throughout the city.  Pyschos are back but are optional.  The skill points earned in the game are much easier to obtain as leveling up occurs much faster than in past games.  It’s nice to have multiple categories to spend them in such as unlocking combos, health, agility, and many more.  Get to level 50 and all out destruction is inevitable!

The coop mode in the game is phenomenal.  Battling through the zombie apocalypse with a friend is definitely a blast, no pun intended!  There are so many ways to play the game, and replay probability is extremely high.  Who doesn’t want to keep mutilating zombies?

Dead Rising 3 is the best in the series.  This game has now set the bar for zombie games and the series.  Minor texture resolution issues exist, however, the sheer fun the game brings to the table overcompensates in every way!  This game is a must have for your Xbox One and with the DLC promised, it will be a long lived title full of fun (and death)!