Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC ‘Onslaught’ Trailer Released (Video)


Coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts is the first in a set of downloadable content packages, called, “Onslaught.” It carries four traditional multiplayer maps, a new hybrid assault weapon and Episode 1 of an Extinction Mode series in “Nightfall.”

“Fog” is a very interesting map. Like its namesake it is buried with fog and contains tall grass, caverns, cabins and a barn that opens up the entire map to you. It looks so much like a horror movie set that completing a field order in the map allows you to become Michael Myers of “Halloween” fame, complete with mask and axe.

“Bayview” is a mid-sized map on what appears to be a pier. Outfitted for ultimate urban warfare, you can run around from store to store or hitch a ride on a roaming trolley (perfect for placing a sentry gun). Completing a field order on this map allows you to call for an aerial strike from the battleships in the background waters.

“Containment” is a bigger-sized map set in Mexico. The central point is a dried-up riverbed with a bridge over top of it. Perfect for sniping or run-and-gun play, as there are multiple flanking points and areas for strategic placement. A field order completion will allow you to call in a mortar strike on the bridge, which in turn detonates a radioactive missile and decimates many within the center of the map.

“Ignition” is an updated version of “Scrapyard,” a map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A small-medium map that plays a lot like the original, except with a lot more moss and is set in Florida. Lots of run-and-gun play is in store. Fulfilling field order requirements will let you set off a test engine, with the ignition fire burning up all those underneath it.

The Maverick Assault Rifle acts how you want it to. It can be your ultimate movement-based assault weapon, or you can put a mid-long range scope on top and morph it into the Maverick A2 Sniper Rifle. Customization is key for the ever-changing player’s game style.

Finally, we get a glimpse into an Extinction Mode mini-campaign with “Episode 1: Nightfall.” It takes off from “Point of Contact” and puts the team in an Alaskan snow base. The new map contains a new weapon, new enemies (Phantoms that turn invisible while jumping, huge Breeder cryptid) and the prospect of a new story worth coming back for.

Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC, Onslaught, will come first to Xbox devices on January 28th. The pack will come to other platforms at a later date. Check out the trailer for yourself below.


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