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3. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto has been an overwhelming success of a franchise ever since GTA III. Now with Grand Theft Auto V, we see it maintain the core element of the open world crime drama with the advent of more playable characters. Featuring an online component that no longer seems like a thrown-in mechanic, the series is at an all time high.

What makes the three-character dynamic work is handled by just how devilishly flawed they all are. Trevor is a psychopatch, Franklin is an egotist with ambition and Michael is a narcissist with an even huger ego than F. Throw them all in a room together and a hellspawn of chaos ensues. For over 20 hours of main story gameplay, GTA V maintains a strong flow. The bonus missions, sports, races, collectibles, easter eggs and spot encounters are just the cherry on the top.

Best yet, it seeks child-like fun of yesteryear. Not many games feature cheat codes, but the ability to become invincible, do super jumps and use explosive bullets in Grand Theft Auto V goes to show the Rockstar Games has not betrayed its roots after all these years.