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8. The Stanley Parable

What a deeply confusing, sardonic and humorous parody about the state of gaming and gaming development. When I talked about the most interesting stories of 2013, I called it the year of the narrative (Troy Baker will have to share). The Stanley Parable is an excellent example, as its use of the meta-narrative serves as a cry for help for the current state of video game innovation.

The “stated goal” of The Stanley Parable is to have dedicated worker Stanley discover freedom by leaving his office for good with the help of the charming narrator. You can do what your told, OR you can branch down tens upon tens of other paths. There is no “Good” or “Bad” ending; there are only more ways to create an emotional or pensive experience as you ponder just exactly what the point of a video game should be. The Stanley Parable’s true goal is to leave you thinking after spending hours within a set and broken world, and it is one well met. Even if it involved preventing a baby from burning for 4 hours straight.