Top 10 Interesting Video Game Stories Of 2013

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2013 has been quite the spectacle for the video games industry. We have seen unknown studios have their games thrust into the spotlight, new types of games take over in terms of critical success and new consoles released to the masses. Unfortunately, we have also seen the ends of companies, the floundering of certain console sales and an increased prevalence in unsavory business practices.

2013 has seen it all. That’s why I wanted to recap some of the biggest and most interesting stories of the year in a Top 10 list. Most of these stories could swap ranks with most others any day of the week, with the Top 2 as a huge coin flip in themselves.

Again, this is my list, not the entirety of GameSided’s. If you have any issues with the inclusion or exclusion of any top gaming stories, make sure to leave your concerns at my Twitter account. We will also let you, the reader, vote for your rankings order at the end of the feature.

With that, let’s begin!