The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Launches On Steam December 17th?


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Forgive all the hastily-made red circles, but the above screenshot was created for posterity’s sake in case the link to the page gets takes down. Somebody on Reddit noticed that The Walking Dead game, made by Telltale Games, will apparently begin release of Season 2 on Steam with its first episode on December 17. You can pre-purchase the entire season ahead of time for $22.49, with the regular price for Season 2 at $24.99.

The excellence that was the first season of The Walking Dead game has only generated more and more anticipation for the followup season with the bridge DLC, “400 Days.” It was a great way of appeasing those who have been waiting to return to the story of Clementine in rural, zombie-laden Georgia with a broader story on a plethora of exciting new characters set in the same world. (More thoughts in my review)

We had already reported earlier this month that Omid will be returning for an appearance in Season 2 of The Walking Dead game, at the very least. How much of a role in the story is unknown at this time, although Telltale Games has said that Season 2 will focus more on Clementine as the main character and playable protagonist.

Now that we have passed the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead’s TV show, there is no better time than right now (or on December 17th, for Steam) for the release of The Walking Dead game’s Season 2. Release dates are unknown for other versions of the game on the Xbox 360, PS3 and other gaming devices, and a release date on Steam has not been officially announced by Telltale Games.


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