The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Sees Return Of Omid


After reviewing the bridge DLC between The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, titled “400 Days,” there were two major questions I and many had for Telltale Games going forward. 1) How did they plan on making all the decisions matter? 2) Did they plan on bringing back more of Season 1’s remaining characters into the story of Season 2?

It appears as though Telltale has hinted at resolving the second question, as they posted the above image on their Twitter account, revealing Season 1’s protagonist Clementine tagging along with Omid, also from Season 1.

This reveal only generates more and more questions. Is Omid one of the two figures from that pivotal moment in Season 1? What happened to the others? Will there be more Season 1 characters thrown back into the mix? Will they run into any 400 Days DLC characters at Gil’s Pitstop? All of them fall back in importance to this final one; does Clementine’s hair change based on your choices?

All of this will be revealed when Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 finally kicks off with Episode 1, which might be as early as sometime in December.


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