EA Canada Looking To Develop Open World Star Wars Game


Some keen eyes over at Kotaku have noticed that EA Canada is hiring an Animation director for a Star Wars game. The development team responsible for many of EA Games’ sports titles is reportedly, “looking for an experienced Animation director to help define and deliver on the vision for a major new next gen open world action game.”

Additionally, IGN found some more Star Wars-related job postings within EA. Both of them are titled, “Executive Producer Star Wars,” with one heading up EA Canada in BC and the other heading up Visceral Studios in Redwood City, CA. It is possible that the studios would collaborate in creating the game, seeing how Visceral created open world games before in the Godfather series.

The possibilities for such a game are endless, especially using the hardware capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One (EA is still taking a pass on the Wii U). Open world action could be anything, especially within the realm of Star Wars. Could we see the revival of Star Wars 1313? Can we look for a new interplanetary Jedi Knight game? Will the Kinect and PlayStation Camera be used to aid the manipulation of the force?

Only time will tell just the exact scope of this EA Canada-developed next-gen Star Wars game. That now makes 4 studios developing Star Wars games for EA, who have a 10 year deal with Disney.


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