Xbox One Midnight Launch Party: Events, Locations, Details & More

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United Kingdom

Forgive me, Man U fans; he was featured in the Xbox One’s biggest TV commercial! It only makes sense.

Moving on, the United Kingdom will be one of seven European countries that will be privy to an Xbox One launch on November 22nd. Many retailers will be ready to be handing out consoles come midnight, but some interesting developments have been announce on Xbox UK’s Facebook account

Xbox One set to take over Leicester Square in London – Something extravagant and downright monumental is going on this evening in Leicester Square in London, so if you can make your way over to the city’s West end to see what the fuss is all about. The team suggests to show up for 6 PM local for a show that takes place from 7-9 PM, meaning you’re in for a longer show than the changing of the guard. Admittance is free, but the details are a mystery.

GAME – Seriously, what’s with the all-caps? Either way, from what I could find is that GAME will have the most locations with both a midnight launch and an early opening for most of their stores. Check out which stores are open late/early before going out in what looks to be nippy weather.

GamesCentre – For local area gamers, it appears as though all GamesCentre stores will be open for midnight launches. Take advantage as find a store near you to pick up an Xbox One on Day 1.

Asda – It’s not just specialty stores that will be participating in the festivities; super chains like Asda will also be in on the fun! Seeing how they have been removing Wii U stock from their stores lately, there will be more than enough room for extra Xbox Ones. Click here to learn where to go later tonight.


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