New Xbox One Commercial Invites You To Play Games, Watch Movies


As I mentioned before, we are winding down to holiday season, as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 square off to see who reigns console supreme. The PS4 already released their first “inspired”

commercial attempt

and now Microsoft retaliates with the Xbox One commercial, “


In this ad, we see various entities, fictional and real, invite several people to play the Xbox One. It kicks off with a Titan from Titanfall (coming March 11, 2014) crashing down into a building, inviting a businessman to step into the Titan. Next, we see Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard inviting a lucky fan onto the pitch to join him in play. Zachary Quinto beams down to make an appearance, inviting a lady to follow along. Next, we see a driver roadblocked by what appears to be a McLaren F1 LM (not a car guy; doing my best!), opening up the driver’s side door to show an empty seat. Finally, a zombie from Dead Rising 3 invites a man studying at the library to “Come On,” while his hand falls off. Hilarious!

We then proceed to see all invited parties playing the Xbox One, where the subtle choices made are done very well. The Xbox One’s Kinect used voice recognition with an American, British and other European voices, conveying the fact that the Kinect understands a great deal of different dialects. Whether it is playing games, watching footy, Skyping with your friends or kicking back and watching a film, Microsoft wants to invite you to play around with their console in this Xbox One commercial.

Check out the video for yourself above. The Xbox One released worldwide in 13 countries on November 22nd.


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