GameStop Alone Has 2.3 Million Customers Waiting To Buy A PS4


In “HOLY *&@!, are you SERIOUS?” news, Bloomberg is reporting that gaming retailer GameStop has sold out of its initial stock, and that 2.3 million customers are waiting to purchase a PS4 Update: around the world. That’s not “all of the online+brick-and-mortar locations,” that’s not “all of the tech retail stores,” they are saying that 2.3 million are waiting from one chain alone to pick up a PS4.

There’s not much that can surprise you anymore, but this news had me personally floored. The PS4 launched to 1 million units sold within its first 24 hours, and that was just within 2 countries. Now, with the Xbox One being released tomorrow, GameStop expects a similar shortage with Microsoft’s console, as well, due to high demand.

We don’t know for certain whether or not the waiting list will translate to confirmed buyers, but the interest is very high at the moment, and should expect to be maintained as we draw closer to the holiday shopping season. If even a third of those on the waiting list buy a console within the next 3 months, that would result in nearly 2 million in sales generated from that 1 million total plus ~766,000 from GameStop alone. That doesn’t take into account the roughly 30 other countries that expect to receive the PS4 worldwide by the end of 2013 from other retailers.

There has been a lot of talk about how the gaming markets have shaped up over the past few years, and where the trends are heading towards in the future. Some say that the console market is dying, some say “You are already dead.” However, with such a high amount of people on the waiting list wanting to buy a PS4 within its first 4 months based on one week’s worth of data, it’s fair to say that you can put away the shovels for the time being.


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