PS4 Sells 1 Million Consoles In North America Within 24 Hours


We knew that the PS4 was going to be a hot item to purchase this holiday season (as is the same with the Xbox One), but I’m not sure anybody anticipated this huge amount of sales on Day 1 alone!

According to a press release, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has announced that the PS4 has sold through more than 1 million that has been shipped to North America on November 15, a new record. That means that there are still potential consoles that have been shipped for pre-orders and walk-in purchases that could have still been available on Day 1, but 1 million was what was picked up.

That’s huge news for Sony to sell that many consoles over just two countries. Even though there are some apparent technical problems for a select percentage of console owners, as well as some technical issues with certain games playing on the PS4 version, the momentum is definitely on their side in North America with their earlier launch.

And the numbers expect to rise dramatically within late November-early December. The PS4 will launch across 30 additional countries on November 29, with a citizen count of an estimated 1.099 billion over those nations. When you compare that number to the roughly 352 million citizens over just the United States and Canada, the PS4 is in store for a monster holiday season.


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