Killer Instinct’s Fulgore Accidentally Confirmed As Final Season 1 Character


It has been just a few days since the reveal of Spinal being added to the Killer Instinct roster as the 7th of 8 first season characters. Many had speculated just who would be the 8th and final character to be added to Season 1, but it looks like we don’t have to wonder any longer.

The alter ego of Mike Krahulik, Jonathan Gabriel, had posted a piece about receiving the Killer Instinct Ultimate Pin collection over at Penny Arcade. Inside it shows a list of all the characters revealed for Season 1. At the bottom right of the left page, we can see there is a pin for Killer Instinct regular Fulgore. That image has since been replaced with a censor bar, saying “Top Secret!” over top of it, meaning that Gabe has been caught with his pants down. He accidentally confirmed the existence of Killer Instinct’s 8th and final character for Season 1 and tried to hide it before anybody noticed. You can never be faster than the rest of the internet, unfortunately!

It makes sense, judging by what we already knew. Watching live streams of Killer Instinct’s Orchid gameplay, dialogue cues mentioned her quest to flush out Ultratech. Fulgore, being a cyborg created by the corporation that organized the Killer Instinct tournament, was one of the more iconic characters created by that company. Yes, it could have been Cinder or Riptor, but Killer Instinct has similar characters already lined up for the game.

Killer Instinct will be released as a launch title for the Xbox One on November 22nd.


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