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Spinal Confirmed For Xbox One’s Killer Instinct


During a livestream event with IGN, the Killer Instinct developers at Double Helix confirmed through a trailer that Spinal will be a playable character in their upcoming Xbox One launch game.

For those who are unaware, Spinal is a skeletal creature that has been part of the Killer Instinct series since the SNES and arcade cabinet days. He returns as the 7th announced character of the first season playable roster. There is still one more yet to be announced for this first season, with another further 8 characters planned to be introduced as a content update later in 2014. This means that Jago, Sabrewolf, Glacius, Black Orchid, Chief Thunder, newly-created Sadira and Spinal are on the docket for release.

There was a lot of new information that came out of the stream event, especially when it comes to training mode. We got to see the dev team really show off learning standard and advanced fighting game technique training (combo breakers, shadow counters, etc.), technical aspects of AI training (hitbox mode, customizing your CPU opponent’s response moves, etc.) and a cool new AI record feature. You take control of your CPU opponent and have them perform moves you want to learn how to react against, then pause. From the menu, going on “playback” has the CPU opponent repeat that exact same move for the ultimate in single-player training.

Combining the revealed characters, new stages, accessory packs, ultraaaaaaa combos and dazzling particle effects, Killer Instinct looks to be a very promising launch title for the Xbox One. For the fighting game community, there is nothing else available this holiday season quite like it. Killer Instinct will be released in $20, $40, $60 and free-to-play modes when the Xbox One releases on November 22nd.


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