American Tanks Revealed For Tank Domination


Game Insight’s 10v10 mobile tank battle game “Tank Domination” is getting cloer to release, and the company just revealed another batch of fighting vehicles from the game’s near future battlegrounds. We’ve already seen the Chinese tanks, and now it’s America’s turn (or as some like to call it here, ‘Merica!).

Pictured above is the famous M1 Abrams, one of two heavy US tanks that will be featured at launch. Light tanks are represented by the M4 Phalanx and M4 Hermes, while the medium tanks consist of the M60 A1 and M60 A3. Players who would rather take “Arty” into battle can choose from the M14 Scorpio or M1000 Ares (pictured below) self-propelled guns.

Game Insight released the first gameplay trailer earlier this week, which you can check out here. GameSided editor Michael Straw also got some hands-on time with an early build of the game and gave us his thoughts back in September.

“Tank Domination” is slated to hit iPad first, and while its release date has yet to be announced, you can track its progress on the game’s official site.


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