Tank Domination: First Gameplay Trailer Released (Video)


Boom! That’s the sound (or a reasonable attempt at it) of the big guns going off in Game Insight’s upcoming mobile multiplayer tank battle game “Tank Domination.” Set in a near future where corporations and their mercenary armored units do battle for ever scarcer resources, it’s slated to make its way to iPad soon.

GameSided’s Michael Straw had the opportunity for some hands-on time with an early build of the game, and you can get his thoughts on “Tank Domination” right here. Or if you’re the “tl;dr” type, we can summarize by saying he liked the gameplay and pretty much everything except the menu system.

That’s us telling you about it. In terms of seeing, nothing would be better than viewing some actual gameplay footage. If only there was a trailer or something… Happily, now there is. Game Insight recently put together an initial look at the close-to-finished product, which you can see below: