Titanfall’s Xbox One Next-Gen Exclusivity Still Up In The Air


One of the major selling points for the Xbox One has been its next-gen console exclusivity of Titanfall (have you seen it?). Even after its reveal at E3, many have been wondering if Titanfall will be making its way to a Sony gaming device some time after its release on the Xbox 360, PC and on Xbox One. Well, those rumors won’t be going away anytime soon, as Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb comments made on Reddit seem to keep this speculative fire burning.

On the question on whether or not Titanfall will be a timed exclusive or next-gen exclusive on the Xbox One:

"As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though."

It looks like it’s up to either Mr. Titanfall himsellf (or, aptly, the developers of the game at Respawn Entertainment) to answer this question, it appears. Still, at the very least, we have official confirmation that it’s up in the air on Microsoft’s end, even if it is as silly as it sounds.

Don’t expect an answer anytime soon, however, as the game still has a ways to go before it is released. Depending on how well it performs on the Xbox One, its critical success and how well it sells, it could be making its way to the PS3/PS4 in the future. If it tanks, however, it wouldn’t be worth it for either the developer or Sony, themself.

The ball is entirely in Respawn’s court. Titanfall will be at the very least making its way to the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One in the first quarter of 2014.


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