FIFA 14 Makes Ultimate Team Mode More Ultimate Than Ever


EA Sports says that Ultimate Team was the most popular mode in “FIFA 13,” with gamers playing over 3.4 million matches a day. Thus, it’s no surprise that the company has been busy dreaming up improvements for Ultimate Team for the September release of “FIFA 14.”

The biggest one looks to be a complete overhaul of the team chemistry system. Last year, you needed to fit your best players to their preferred formation and keep an eye on player morale to achieve the best chemistry. In “FIFA 14,” the idea will be to balance Chemistry Styles and Loyalty. The latter will be affected by how you acquire the player in question: players found in packs will have a Loyalty boost to start, while those purchased in the Transfer Market will have to play 10 games before they “settle in,” adding in a nice dose of realism.

Speaking of the Transfer Market, it’s been given a streamlined search feature to help you seek out specific players and compare them to the ones already on your squad. Once you’ve made your picks, you’ll be able to modify player roles and set piece takers right from the main squad screen.

Perhaps most exciting are new match options. You’ll be able to play single matches against specific opponents online, and the Seasons Mode has been further upgraded after its welcome debut last year. If anything, it sounds like people will be playing even more FUT matches than ever. Read up on all the details on the EA Sports site and get pumped for the release of “FIFA 14” on PS3 and Xbox 360 (and eventually darn near every platform) on September 24.