Titanfall On Xbox One Gets Digital Foundry Breakdown

Outside of their subjective thoughts on games, the Digital Foundry is a great source of hard technical data based on in-game observations combined with active framerate tests. That’s why I was disappointed to hear about the performance of the Xbox One version of Titanfall in the latest Digital Foundry breakdown, which discusses its disappointing technical performance.

“The Xbox One version simply cannot sustain the required 60fps,” Richard Leadbetter explains. “The consistency in performance just isn’t there and so the gameplay often doesn’t feel quite right.”

“So, just like the beta, we see Titanfall frame-rates on Xbox One dip into the mid-30s at its worst, and at those points the rock-solid consistency we saw in the early iterations of the Modern Warfare experience is gone, and with it – arguably – the essence of the ‘twitch’ shooter. In mitigation this does tend to happen while you’re seated in your Titan, so the need for ultra-low latency controls is lessened, but there’s no doubt that the player’s immersion in the experience is dented by the compromised performance.”

Those are pretty damning words about the Xbox One version of Titanfall’s technical performance. Shipping at such an odd resolution (1408x792p) should mean that it could hit its intended target of 60 FPS more reliably as opposed to shipping at something like 900p or 1080p resolution. I mean, Titanfall’s producer said “Frame-rate is king” when it came to discussing the possibility of 1080p at 60 FPS for the game’s performance back in August last year. Heck, even Jeff Gerstmann saw the game dive to single-digit frames during a match of Last Titan Standing in his review, although Digital Foundry saw otherwise.

We could see framerate and/or resolution changes down the line in the ongoing development of Titanfall on Xbox One, but it is still rather unfortunate that early adaptors may be the ones with the most misfortune. Just like how the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts saw unfortunate framerate issues that were addressed later down the line, customers should not be paying beta testers.

You can check out the full Digital Foundry technical review here, as well as a video showing the active framerate of the Xbox One version (dipping to as low at 25.6 FPS) below.


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  • Nathan Ball

    Strange, I didn’t experience ANY framerate issues.

  • GK15

    To be honest, I play this game for hours on end on XB1 and the framerate is smooth as butter. I do notice slight screen tearing sometimes, but it’s very minimal.

    Those words do sound very damning and don’t represent the experience when you play the game.

  • James Gates

    No framerate issues here.

  • David

    Yeah I haven’t gotten any framerate issues either. And I play for about 5 hours at a time

  • buddynugget

    What a load of rubbish. Ive put in around 15 hours so far with 0 frame rate issues. Like the person who commented previously I have notoced minimal screen tearing. I have even been broadcasting on twitch while playing and it doesent effect anything whatsoever. The game and system run perfectly fine.

  • Guest

    “customers should not be paying beta testers.”

    This. so. much. So, disgustipatedly sick of game devs rushing games out before they are finished. Not so long ago the practice of “release now, fix later” began, and now that is the norm (i.e. Arkham Origins, etc). Today we are starting to see “release now, finish later” meaning games are shipping not even completed, and as long as it happens on your console of choice, fanboys will excitedly defend those games. The entire industry is going down the toilet because both sides tolerate it and in fact reward it.

    I’d love to see, just _once_, gamers universally rejecting a hyped game that’s rushed out the door and let the dev finish and fix the game before buying it en masse. If cars were made this way, do you think Ford fans would go, “Hey, I’m so excited that Ford is sending me doors for the F150 I bought last month!!! And they’ve promised to improve the gas mileage some day too! I get 8mpg right now, but this is going to get better soon. Woot, go Ford!”

  • http://ninsci.weebly.com/ Deeboy

    I think this is confusing connection speed with frame rate because I play for hours without a hitch.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I’m sure Digital Foundry did their tests over a 56k line…..

      • http://ninsci.weebly.com/ Deeboy

        The first day was a little rough on xbox live for me at least. After that it has been smooth sailing. Makes me wonder when these tests were conducted.

  • http://themsasboyz.yolasite.com/ THEMSASBOYZ CLAN

    This game sucks bad at framerate and screen tear on xb1, 42 inch TV is worse than my 22 inch for some reason, they know and are working on it harder than you know!

  • Brett Kohli

    wrong Thesma, play on a 47in tv without any noticeable framerate issues – go complain somewhere else