Call of Duty: Ghosts Receives Patch


Infinity Ward has announced details regarding a large patch being released today (PC yesterday) for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The update will address numerous bugs, improve anti-cheat mechanics and add a variety of new features.

Among the new features added include leaderboards for Gun Game, an extra loadout slot for the Call of Duty App and the ability to view the clans of remote players. In terms of game stability, the patch will address the lag that comes from the lobby host rapidly changing classes as well as improving host migration.

The patch is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 today (Thursday). You can read the console specific patch notes on the game’s forums. The all-platform patch notes can be found below.

"New FeaturesAdded leaderboards for Gun Game.Added functionality to view the clans of remote players.Allowing soldiers to invite to clan in Call of Duty App.Added extra loadout slot support for Call of Duty App.Added link to the store from customization submenus.Added diamond clan icons to clan details page.StabilityFixed lag that could occur when host rapidly changed classes.Fixed crash that could occur when player is killed while controlling a vehicle killstreak.Performance improvements for modes using bots.Fixed loss of controller issue that occurred when second controller signed in after a non-signed in first controller tried accessing the store.Host migration optimizations.Fixed lost connection issue that could occur when lobby breaks after accepting the game invite.Fixed reactive motion jitter issues with local split-screen players.Anti-CheatOverall anti-cheat improvements.Weapon/Perk BalancePatched 3rd person throw animations for explosives when using the Riotshield. This change moves the shield to the side exposing the thrower to attack.eSportsRemoves delay for lobby member broadcaster icon when enabling/disabling it.Fixed a bug where MLG spectators couldn’t see enemies shooting on the minimap.Fix null string translation bug found when playing eSports rules coming out of spectate.Fixed cycle players button not functioning when the mini-map is displayed.Fixed issue that caused the eSports rule set header to carry over onto the system link menu.Additional FixesKillstreak count is correctly maintained across rounds in SD/SR/Blitz.Fixed some spawn issues specific to Stormfront.Fixed broken operations (must play one ranked game to fix data).Rebalanced spawns on Ignition.Improved spawns on Whiteout.Fixed issue where players can make the bomb disappear by planting on top of their IMS/SatCom, then destroying the placeable.Fixed the progress bar improperly displaying “contested” if 2 players entered the flag’s capture radius, then one player left or was killed.Fixed rapid fire popping animations that would occur when deploying an IMS or Sentry then immediately pressing up on the d-pad.Fix Infected bug where PDW was not shown initially when spawning in.Fixed text overlap when highlighting clan vs clan playlist.Fixed sign-in issues that would occur when accessing the store with different controllers.Fixed error with Clan Roster menu.ExtinctionFixed issue where some camo’s were not applied correctly in game.“Escapes” leaderboard is now displayed in the correct order.We now track Armory level completions as “Escapes” on the Escapes leaderboard.Undiscovered Truths achievement now unlocks properly.Fixed issue where players would sometimes switch back to their pistol after reviving players.Removed an audio buzz that played prior to an intel clip starting.Fixed issue where aliens would disappear during the final Breeder fight.Fixed case where the locker key that had been collected did not show up in the HUD.Fixed Breeder sometimes not attacking players.Updated the egg throwing logic for the Breeder to improve engagement.Updated the final battle logic with the Breeder for when it is injured.Fixed some challenges:Turned off Phantom in the air challenge.Changed where the “kill Seekers before they explode” challenge appears.Fixed issue where challenge ring would not appear for “Stay in circle” challenge.Marked aliens” challenge no longer marks “pets” as targets.Reordered challenges so there will be enough challenges using the pistols only Relic in solo in Nightfall.Fixed issue where intel collected would read “0 out of 13” instead of “1 out of 13”.Made improvements to how intel is tracked globally across maps.Fixed issue where splash message would sometimes not appear when scavenging.Solo play balancing fixes in Nightfall first Breeder battle.Fixed an issue where outro movie would hang if other players readied up while the move was playing.Fixed some map exploits in Nightfall.Fixed an exploit with the deployable money feature.Fixed issue with voice location callouts playing during the Breeder fights.Fixed issue with voice over playing when players are in last stand or when a player has died.Added Relic bonus to the post game score screen.Improved the reliability of triggering the Nightfall Easter Egg."