Nintendo Wii U Makes 'Worst Holiday Tech Gifts' List

Things have not been looking good for the Wii U as of late. We reported yesterday how the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts was being outsold by the PS4 version by more than a 3:1 ratio in the UK, despite the PS4 not coming out until November 29th in that country. It appears as though it’s not the “cool, hip” device for playing those types of shooters.

That sentiment appears to be the trend among tech analysts, as CNET released a video listing the Nintendo Wii U as one of their “Top 5: Word Holiday Tech Gifts.”

It ranks 4th on the list, apparently more disappointing as a gift than a DVD player. CNET is not too fond of the console as a gift with the Xbox One and the PS4 coming out over the next ten days. The criticism is harsh, with the host and CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell going so far as to say, “There are only two game consoles anyone wants this year, and the Wii U isn’t one of them.”

CNET isn’t some rinky-dink tech website; ranks as the 43rd most visited website in the US, and the 95th most visited website in the world.

This holiday season has generated a lot of buzz for the PS4 and the Xbox One, but the Nintendo Wii U still has opportunities to at least bounce back in the video games market. Mario and Luigi Wii U bundles have sold out at some retailers recently, and with a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow morning we can expect some more news about upcoming Nintendo products that hopefully keep the console afloat.

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  • feas

    Obvious anti-N bias in that he ignores the fact that the 3Ds is the top-selling console this year. Anyone who didn’t have their head up their ass would know that.

    He’s just shit-stirring. I hope he’s proud of himself.

    • tysandsnyc

      DS not WiiU.

      But mobile gaming still rules the DS though.

  • tysandsnyc


  • tysandsnyc

    I would love a fitness watch had it been catered to bodybuilding, not cardio workouts. There still isn’t a market for that surprisingly.

  • Victor E. Medley

    WII U???? ROFL AND LOL!!! XD

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 wins