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The 50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Best Xbox One Games List – #44 Need For Speed Rivals

Developer: Ghost Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Xbox One Release Date: November 13, 2013

Another launch title for the Xbox One, Need For Speed Rivals brought the series back to open world play, involving both Racer and Cop storylines to play off of each other. Tools such as EMPs, roadblocks, and spike strips are just means to bringing justice to the streets while racers can employ various methods of escape that including taking hidden side routes not labeled on the map.

Upgrading your car is crucial to staying one step ahead of the competition. Speedlists are given to racers while cops are handed assignments to bring in unruly drivers. Completing specific objectives unlocks upgrades and new vehicles. With a dynamic weather system, immersive in-and-out online and multiplayer play plus a system that ranks players on a global leaderboard on each event, Need For Speed Rivals was an important stepping stone in the adaptive off/online next-gen experience.

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