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The 50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Best Xbox One Games List – #13 Destiny

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Xbox One Release Date: September 9, 2014

The idea that Bungie can drop the Halo series entirely and start anew with an MMO-like multiplayer arena shooter years later is astounding. To make it an overwhelming success as a new IP is outright unthinkable. Here we are with the ever popular Destiny, a first-person shooter with action-RPG elements taking place in multiple planets throughout the galaxy. I could tell you about the game’s great battle centuries ago, but it might be best to keep you in the dark.

This shared-world shooter has players acting as Guardians, manipulating an unknown power called Light to defend Earth’s last stronghold city against alien invasions. You can choose one of three classes, with Hunters being agile fighters, Warlocks focusing on using the Light for supernatural powers and Titans built to tank encounters. There are a host of single and multiplayer events to participate in, including popular FPS competitive modes. There are even dedicated raids that take hours to complete, with daily quests created to aid improvement of your character’s armor and weapons.

The mixture of genres, tight combat mechanics and sweet dance emotes are just some of the charm that Destiny embodies. Back behind Activision’s long-term investment in the series, Year 2 begins with the release of The Taken King expansion pack. Serving almost as a second launch, players experience almost an Enlightenment period of the game, with many aspects of functionality seeing intuitive updates. There might not be a better FPS game that requires hundreds of hours of attention on consoles than what Destiny will provide.

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