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The 50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Best Xbox One Games List – #27 Alien: Isolation

Developer: Creative Assembly

Publisher: Sega

Xbox One Release Date: October 7, 2014

You think you know a studio for refining their own trick pony over years of experience, and then they go out and surprised you. Creative Assembly, developers for the Total War series since 2000, sought out to create an Alien series video game worthy of the title after the disastrous Colonial Marines, and Alien: Isolation fits the style of the original movie to a T.

Set fifteen years after the film, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, is brought onto a space station orbit a local planet in order to find her missing mother. As the Ripley family is prone to experience, however, things go off the rails quickly when a creature kills her informant survivor, leaving her isolated…with an alien.

The emphasis of this first-person stealth horror game is to avoid engagement, whether it be alien, android or human alike, whenever possible. You do get weapons (like a revolver, shotgun, flamethrower, etc.) and tools (EMP mines, pipe bombs, noise distractions, motion tracker, etc.), but survival against the impervious alien remains the key objective. The intense AI keeps you on your toes, sometimes too smart for its own good. You’ll be rightfully frightened if Alien: Isolation gets the better of you.

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