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The 50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Best PS4 Games List – #2 Bloodborne

Developer: From Software

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: March 24, 2015

The PS4’s best exclusive (currently) comes from a brilliant mind in Hidetaka Miyazaki. Bloodborne takes the From style of action-RPG, lore-driven, cryptic style of gameplay and adapts it to a chilling Lovecraftian horror story. You play as a Hunter, seeking the Paleblood in the town of Yharnam. You are met with a dire circumstance; a city full of denizens taken over by an illness that drives them crazy. You must travel throughout this shared world of terrors, bring justice among the factions, uncover the mysteries of the town and escape the nightmare.

Combat in Bloodborne is a lot faster than in the Souls series, with gliding directionally to dodge and move in for attacks. Players have two types of weapons; Trick Weapons that serve short both one and two-handed alternate styles of attack, as well as secondary firearms that can stun enemies or serve additional support (including light from Torches). Shooting at oncoming combatants right before they land a hit will bring most enemies to their knees, serving as a parry to open up punishing visceral finishers.

Bloodborne takes the criticisms of Dark Souls II and throws it back in the player’s face with varying boss battles. Most taking the form of a large beast, they tend to enjoy multiple strategies for overcoming. Plus, it helps that they take on the look of multiple terrors, including a beast pulsating with electric energy. They each embody the lair in which they inhabit, often shrouded in darkness. The mystery surrounding these monsters, including the deep lore provided by NPC’s and item descriptions, are too important to spoil, and help solidify Bloodborne as one of the best games of its kind.

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