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The 50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Best PS4 Games List – #11 Transistor

Developer: Supergiant Games

Publisher: Supergiant Games

PS4 Release Date: May 20, 2014

When you release something as bold and impressive as Bastion as your studio’s first title, all eyes are on you as you develop your follow-up product. Despite such pressure, Supergiant Games came back, guns blazing, to release Transistor. An isometric 3D action-RPG, the game follows famous Cloudbank singer, Red, and the Transistor sword that captures the consciousness of the man it is seen gored through its chest. Red is being chased by a robotic force of enemies known as the Process, who are trying to destroy her and retrieve the mysterious sword she now has in her possession.

What makes this action-RPG unique to those previously mentioned is its fluidity between turn-based tactical combat and live-action combat. Red can use the transistor to plot out future moves, enact them at a rapid pace and jump back to safety behind digitized pillars. In an isometric view, it brings a decidedly strategy-RPG feel to gameplay. Upgraded skills and other maneuvers add layers of depth and complexity and players progress through the story.

Just like with Child of Light, Supergiant Games go hard in with their soundtrack. It mixes genres to match the setting, jumping between Electric Rock, Trance and Nu Jazz. It oozes into the Cyberpunk world the story embodies, truly benefiting a deserving tale.

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