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The 50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Best PS4 Games List – #29 The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Developer: Nicalis

Publisher: Nicalis

PS4 Release Date: November 4, 2014

For many, The Binding of Isaac saw the first or second coming of Indie gaming as a prevalent, respectable entity on the scene. Thankfully for PS4 owners the sequel, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth launched alongside the original PC version in 2014, bringing the Roguelike sprite-based, top-down dungeon crawler action to a deeper gameplay system.

The move to literally anything but Flash brought immediate improvements to Rebirth, including the ability to save mid-run and return at a later time. The core run-and-gun, hardcore shooting gameplay persists, but now adds a ton of new items, powerups, secrets, endings, boss battles and more on top of an excellent core gameplay. While the story may be light in narrative, the subtle tugs at the lore of Isaac, his mother and the world that bears down upon him bring an excellent aesthetic and style to a remarkable Indie game that fans can put hundreds of hours into.

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