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The 50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015_20141110173229
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015_20141110173229 /

Best PS4 Games List – #30 Pro Evolution Soccer 15

Developer: PES Productions

Publisher: Konami 

PS4 Release Date: November 11, 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 15, along with its previous editions, may be missing out on the licenses, but where it lacks in immersion it excels in gameplay. PES 15 boasts some of the best AI in soccer, with players adapting to your position on the field as a single player in case you ever play too far out of context on the field. The difficulty tailors correctly to the play it suggests, requiring thoughtful tactics at the highest echelon while servicing a wider audience and teaching to perfect the mechanics at lower tiers.

Multiplayer play includes an excellent role control system, where one controls the offense and the other plays defense. It makes play more symbiotic and team based, as opposed to trying to focus more on being the cool guy or gal doing to sweet dekes at the expense of backfield protection. With customization in offline leagues, modded kits and general wackiness that comes from a lack of licenses, PES 15 does a great job of working lemonade out of what lemons were left.

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