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The 50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Best PS4 Games List – #32 TowerFall Ascension

Developer: Matt Thorson

Publisher: Matt Thorson

PS4 Release Date: March 11, 2014

One of the top PS4 games originally launched on the crowdfunded Ouya console. Everything about this Indie archery arena game comes from a collaborative, community effort, with feedback learned from those participating and watching Evo tournaments in the past. It’s a 2D competitive game that has players jumping around shooting at each other, with conservation of arrows being key to survival. You can also catch them flying at you, and earn more arrows by killing opponents.

It carries a bunch of powerups, including those that provide wings, stronger arrows and protective shields. It’s most enjoyable when getting 4 people together on a couch, although it does have some trials and challenges in single player. Its biggest downfall, though, is that TowerFall Ascension has no online multiplayer. It’s a huge step back in what is otherwise a great party game for the ages.

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