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The 50 Best Nintendo Games Right Now (Wii U / 3DS)

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Best Nintendo Games List – #46 Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Release Date: May 2, 2014

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s more iconic characters, with a pink marshmallow-like appearance known the world over. This 2.5D adventure sees Kirby combat a host of new enemies, learn new skills and explore a multitude of new lands. Despite a markedly easy gameplay experience, the locations provide some of the more refreshing visuals the 3DS has seen. Jumping between the foreground and background adds a layer of dimensionality, key to making this form of Kirby platforming experience feel a bit different.

The additional bonus games are just the cherry on the top, with a Smash Bros-like Kirby Fighters mode and a rhythm game starring King Dedede. The added Dededetour, earned from completing the game, brings additional tough fights to the game, providing hours of more fun as a neat extra. It’s great to see Kirby back on the smaller handheld screen again.

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