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The 50 Best Nintendo Games Right Now (Wii U / 3DS)

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Best Nintendo Games List – #7 Bayonetta 2

Developer: PlatinumGames

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Release Date: October 24, 2014 

GameSided’s Game of the Year 2014 recipient, Bayonetta 2 only exists essentially out of the kindness and intrigue of Nintendo’s heart. The original game, despite having some of the tighter controls and combat mechanics, just didn’t do well across the Xbox 360 and PS3, despite their tens of millions of consoles in the market. This time, Bayonetta must rescue the soul of her dear friend Jeanne, going to Heaven and Hell just for a chance to save her life.

There are a ton of new combinations, attacks and features in Bayonetta 2, the most impressive of which is the Umbran Climax. It’s a system that rewards Bayonetta for perfectly timed dodges and other means of restoring mana to use the full gauge and summon impressive beasts to add range to your attacks. It draws upon the strength of Bayonetta as a character, one who owns her sexiness as a tactical and social advantage. Man or beast, rare is it to get the best of her, and the expanded combat system of Bayonetta 2 masters an already excellent system.

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