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The 50 Best Nintendo Games Right Now (Wii U / 3DS)

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Best Nintendo Games List – #26 Fantasy Life

Developers: Level-5, Brownie Brown, h.a.n.d.

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Release Date: October 24, 2014

When you think about the openness, immersive storytelling and actual role playing aspects of role-playing games, you would figure the industry would create a lot more RPG life simulation titles. Thankfully, Fantasy Life finally made its way into North America late in 2014, almost two years after its Japanese launch. The game takes a casual approach to the RPG aspects of gameplay, but done in the quest of making a character reflect your projected personality.

Fantasy Life is about making a…well, fantasy life for your avatar. There are one of twelve Life classes to choose from, varying from the seemingly mundane of tailor all the way to an adventurous hunter. In addition to a variety of customization options, players progress their Life class by completing tasks from their Life Master. There’s a world full of exciting opportunity to explore; it’s how you find fun in the gameplay options at hand that allows you to tailor your experience with the game. Be the miner or be the hero; there’s no punishment for playing the game how you want it.

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